We have a simple, yet effective approach to strength and fitness training.

We’ve managed to package all our experience and knowledge into three programmes – all of which are adaptable and flexible to fit you and your individual needs!

Focusing on weight loss, body toning and strength and fitness.

About SG23 Performance

Who We Are And What We Do

Welcome to SG23 Performance – a fully equipped strength and conditioning facility dedicated to providing our members with a supportive environment and unique training method that guarantees long-term, sustainable RESULTS!

Our training techniques are inclusive to all. All movements are adaptable and scalable, meaning we cater for all fitness levels from professional athletes looking to increase speed and strength; to beginners who have little, or no training experience, who are looking to lose weight and tone up.

Everyday ‘commercial’ gyms see their members as simply another number. Leaving them to their own devices, often with little, or no guidance on training and nutrition. Here at SG23 we pride ourselves on treating our members as people.

You simply will not turn up; train; leave; repeat. We take the time to get to know our members, understand what makes them tick and listen to their individual needs, challenges and goals.

Of course fitness and exercise is at the heart of what we do at SG23, but all of our programmes go above and beyond simply training. Each programme comes with nutrition support and guidance, and weekly food diary check-ins with your dedicated Coach. Our aim is to ingrain positive lifestyle habits into your daily routine – giving you a fresh, positive outlook on all things fitness and food.





Our Programmes

A unique approach to training that GUARANTEES results – what do you have to lose?

At SG23 we are proud of the training system we use as it focuses on helping every individual improve in all areas of fitness. Each session incorporates exercise involving the fundamental components of fitness: muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and aerobic capacity.

All of our programmes cater for individuals with injuries. Our knowledgeable team of coaches will help you rehab and recover alongside your training.

The Body Blitz Programme

A focus on getting you fitter, stronger and burning off lots of unwanted body fat.

The training in these classes involves high amounts of metabolic resistance training combined with compound movements and lots of cardiovascular work – a combination of training methods scientifically proven to burn fat!

Alongside fat burning exercises, the classes will incorporate exercises, without the use of cardio machines or running, that improve and increase your cardio vascular endurance. Included in the program is a full education on nutrition, so you know the exact steps needed to get results.


1:2:1 Training Programme

Do you need a reliable, results driven coach that can guarantee you results physically and mentally?


Too many people have wasted time, effort and money on solutions that just don’t work. Normally these programs are generic and do not take into account the person who is actually wanting the results. Our bespoke 1:2:1 training programme is designed for you and only you! When you come on board we take you through all the stages of growth and development you need to succeed. We have NO Contracts and we also have a true money back guarantee. So if you don’t see the results we will give you your money back. Please note: You must be able to be booked in during the day times. Monday – Friday.


The Shift Worker Programme

A strength and conditioning programme specifically tailored for shift workers who work late into the night, and early into the morning – ensuring no one misses out of the fantastic results the team at SG23 promise to deliver!

Juggling your fitness regime with work, family and friends and social events can be tough at the best of times, let alone for shift workers who often find themselves working late into the night, and early into the morning.

Our Shift Worker Programme members still receive the same amazing benefits as all our other programmes here at SG23. Such as a team of committed coaches who are 100% dedicated to you and your goals – but the key difference is that with this programme, there is a clear understanding from our coaches as to the challenges that face the modern day shift worker. Such as long day/nights on your feet, meal prep and irregular sleeping hours, to name just a few.





I’ve just completed my 4 week trial and can quite honestly say SG23 is awesome! It’s a great environment with a super team leading the sessions and a friendly bunch to train with too! Not like you’re normal run of the mill gym! In such a small space of time I’m already noticing results and feeling fabulous within myself too……I’ve now signed up to continue on the shift worker programme which is great for me as I can always get three sessions a week in around my shift pattern. Thanks for the tremendous start…..it was just what I needed! Looking forward now to keeping up the hard work and seeing more positive changes. Highly recommend SG23 Xm doloremque.”

Zoe Willumsen

Quite frankly I can’t rate SG23 highly enough. The coaches deliver fantastic, well varied sessions and great nutritional advice, but it goes beyond that. I can’t express enough how much better the SG23 setting is than a conventional gym, not only can you improve your fitness, health and wellbeing but you become involved in a thriving (and hilarious) community all working towards a common goal, for keeping you motivated this is key. Life wouldn’t be what it is without SG23 for me and I will forever be grateful for the amazing work they are doing.

Tess Batemen

I can’t rate these guys enough!!! I’ve just completed my 4th session with them & I’m loving it! Yes it’s hard work, yes I have major jelly legs throughout & for a day or so afterwards & yes sometimes I think “oh my god I’m gonna be sick” but it’s worth every ache & pain. I’ve tried gyms & different classes and after a few sessions I’ve never felt the motivation or drive to carry on. With SG23 you work in a group & each & every member supports you & pushes you to drive through it. It’s a friendly place with awesome members & coaches who support you all the way. Believe me you will find yourself pushing through when you feel like you have nothing left to give. If you want to make a difference for you then I can highly recommend you give these guys a go.

Natalie Gardiner

Amazing unique gym, every session different but structured! Coaches are fantastic and are constantly making sure you are being the best you! An 8 week trial has now turned into 4/5 months as a member and wouldn’t change it!

Jo Cook

At a point in my life where I need to loose weight and drasticly improve my fitness. Was looking for some help, although it is very early days I feel very positive that I have come to the exact place I was looking for to help me on this journey.

Paul Comer

Love SG23…I’m seeing results (27inches lost in 12 weeks), no judgement, people of all capabilities, amazing coaches who encourage you and provide the best sessions and advice and guidance on nutrition. Always a challenge and never get bored plus I’ve met some amazing people. Im achieving my goals after 5 years feeling they were out of my reach. Thanks SG23.

Pippa Blackburn

4 months in & I love it. The coaches are amazing & support & encourage you throughout, but I have to say the members are awesome. I’ve met some lovely people & made some life long friends. We all encourage each other to push ourselves & support each other throughout. My fitness has improved, I feel like I have much more energy… If you’re thinking about getting fit but don’t want the usual mundane gym then SG23 is definitely the place to sign up to! You won’t regret it.

Natalie Brailsford

Brilliant gym the coaches are great and the atmosphere in the group’s really helps to motivate you to your goals

Ed Price

I am totally won over by SG23. The quality of the coaching ensures you are doing each session as effectively as possible. The culture of support and encouraging everyone is evident also amongst the team you train with. The friendliest place without the intimidation you could feel at some gyms. Great value for money. In one week I feel fitter and confident that I can push my level of fitness further. Highly recommend SG23.

Sue Marquis

Not only great for raising awareness of food intake and reducing body fat but the best way to manage and control stress of everyday work life. Great coaches and the team are always available to assist and advise in all aspects of fitness & health.

Andy Bates

Absolutely amazing place. Not full of ‘gym junkies’ or instructors that show you once and leave you to it. Just other people trying to get healthier and instructors who give good advice, encouragement and personalised training to allow people of any ability to achieve results.

Andy Robertson